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Creative Connexions Ireland: Sitges '22


Creative Connexions Ireland: Sitges '22  is presented by the Irish based, arts organisation, Artscope. The aim of the brand is to develop relationships between Ireland and other cultures. Under this umbrella Artscope produce and deliver an annual showcase of high quality Irish performing arts in Sitges, Barcelona.

​CCI: Sitges '22 is a four-day festival of Irish, Catalan and European musicians, artists and performers showcased through performance, lectures, readings, films and workshops.

​Creative Connexions/Sitges Live’19 was supported by Culture Ireland.

The Team

Caroline Wynne: Artistic Director

Sharon Bagnall:  Production Manager

Brian Coade: Operations Manager

Pancho Productions: Sound and Lighting

Genny Wynne: Artist Liaison

Calloway Berkeley: Production Assistant

Orna O'Reilly: Design and Publishing

Brandon Jones: Artscope Representative in Sitges

Mamen Calvez: Box Office & Sponsorship

Fiona Morison: Box Office & Sales

Louise Walsh: Marketing and Publicity (Ireland)

Jungle Communications: Social Media 

Felip Carbonell : Translations

Hendryk K. Karr: Video & Audio

Martin Tourish: Music Adviser

Vincent Woods: Literature Adviser

Jon Berkeley: Visual Arts Adviser

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